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Leaving NN
Anpamman by Kawaguchi lake
Fish boys
Looking ominous
Level 5 - way up
Snacks on way up
Getting dark
Getting tired by torii
The dream team
The dreaming team
The cold team
Chilling at cabin
Inside cabin
Some folks we met
Sun beginning to rise
Made it to the top
Sun rise
Sun rises more
Don't look down!
Me, Andy and Sun
Fuji top bench
The very top
Gone a bit crazy!
Ramen ya
In the Fuji top restaurant
Having a rest
Shrine on Fuji
Andy on way down
A bit of Fuji
On the way down - getting hotter
Fuji brightens up?
Misty forest
Horse near 5th level
Fuji from a distance
Fuji from the window